Friday, March 6, 2009

Maawala: A Maratha Warrior

Today I added new brushes to my Photoshop. These brushes are a gift from Zhuzhu to everyone.. Zhuzhu's Brushes

This is just a rough sketch of a Maratha Warrior as I could not resist myself to put my hands on this wonderful brushes.


joiedevivre said...

hmm you kno i have started experimenting with my uneven rough imagination on canvas..i dnt kno what actualy m doing but it realy is fun..
and m very much inspired by your paintings...i wish i could make like you

santoshi said...

nice, i too have downloaded the brush. Thanks for sharing.

digant sutar said...

@ Neha

Its great that u started painting, cos u hv that talent now take this as far as u can,
This is inspiring for me also that my painting can inspire people,thanks!

@ Santoshi
U r welcome... I would like to see a painting from u using those brushes :)

santoshi said...

hi wish u a Happy Holi in advance :)

Art of My Life. said...

I was really surprise!!!You are a figure or portrait painters.I can say that you are much more talented
than other painters friend which
I know.I must recommend my friend
to see this.