Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to square one

Painting on canvas has always been my 1st love. I like many other things but when I complete a painting, the satisfaction I get, can't be compared to anything else. This painting is acrylic on canvas (30"x36"). I think its my first complete portrait after a long gap of more than 4 years. Initially it was not easy as I had been doing portraits in Photoshop and the sketching with pencil but not with REAL colors for sometime. Was a bit nervous during the initial two days but on third and last day I got it under control.
I got a few negatives and positives from this painting exercise. Most important thing that I derived: never stop working otherwise u will loose your freedom with that medium. This painting brought back my confidence of doing portraits again. Doing landscapes or compositions is relatively easy because you don't need to be precise with the colors and tones. So by overcoming these difficulties I got a good result. I know this is not the best painting I have ever done but I'm happy that at least I got a start.
Thanks to Binal who posed for this painting and Alex who helped me with lighting.