Monday, August 11, 2008

I Am Not Alone....

When i was a child, i had a beautiful shawl of my own. I was very much possessive about it. Either I used to bit those who used to touch my shawl or the last option was to cry as loud as I could. I remember that the shawl was not very attractive but I used to feel very warm and secure inside it. I used it untill it was completely ragged and torn off into pieces. At last, one day my mom threw it when I was in school. I cried for at least three hours that night and I was not sleeping well for many days that were to follow.

In this drawing I tried to illustrate these feelings of mine. That girl in the picture is lonely but she is holding her little bunny in her hands, and its only because of that bunny that she is feeling secured in the jungle. I think all of us go through these kind of emotions at some point of time in our lives. After all, it doesn't matter whether we're children or grown ups; It can be a doll for someone, and it can be some locket from someone they love or it can be a small picture of god.. whatever thing it is, these small things are turned into very special things for us to be our companion in our lonely times. We end up finding them anyhow.... Becauses no one wants to be alone anyway.