Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anoushka Shankar

I am into indian classical music from my college days, i use to play Indian Flute and Tabala, but now my music has become limited to enjoying great people`s work because of other priorities in life. I am a big fan of Pandit Kumar Ghandhrva, P. Bhimsen Joshi, Kishori Amonkar P. Jasraj in vocals and in instrumental i love pandit Hariprasad Chourasiya, Usatad Zakir hussin, Pandit Ravi shankar and many more.
As i like experimentation in various mediums,i like to hear fusion music also,
Few years back i'd got a chance to hear one amazing albam "Rise" by Anoushka Shankar at my friends place. It was a soul touching music. I complitly got lost into it and i became fan of Anoushka Shankar. Then I started collecting all the music created by her and every time it was greater experience than previous.
As everyone knows Anoushka Shankar is daughter of Pandit Ravi Shankar and sister of Norah Jones. It was not easy to come out of shadow of her father and making her own identity, but she made it possible and created some amazing music.what i like about her music is, as she likes to experiment with fusion music yet she is strongly rooted to Indian Classical music. I haven`t got a chance to listen to her music live but i will catch her soon.


WarmSunshine said...

beautifully made!

santoshi said...

The painting of Anushka shankar is very good.

priyanshu said...

Mast!! Loved it :)

digant sutar said...

Thanks a Lot...
@ mehreen
@ Santosh
@ Priyanshu

joiedevivre said...

painting toh hamesha ki tarah well drawen hai..but it was godd to read those wrds also..
have heard some of her music..yeah it really is good

n u play flute..waah..

santoshi said...

wish you and your family a Happy and Peacefull Happy New Year.

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Anonymous said...

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